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Hello I’m Amy, a Twenty-something Personal Trainer, Tutor, Creator, Optimist and Dad-joke enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia.
I’m happy to be called Amy or by my nickname Amo (“Ay-mo”), there is a funny story behind that nickname which I might write about later on. Apparently Amo translates ‘to love’ in Portuguese so I’m super happy about that!

Amo’s Adventures is a recovery blog not an illness blog.

Amo’s Adventure Starts here  It is my journey of overcoming the combination of abuse, lack of self-care, mental illnesses and a hormonal disease that led me to unintentionally becoming severely underweight and unable to function healthily. As of now, I am feeling the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. My fatigue overwhelms me daily however I have created this blog to hold myself accountable to my improvement and wellness as well as the intention to inspire others to improve their lives and have their own unique adventure.
I can’t wait to share amazing things that I’ve learnt from studying about other cultures, people, languages with you. All these and the things that contribute to my recovery such as some nostalgia,art and humour.

See you around, Adventurers!


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