Do something that scares you a little And Let the Adventures Begin!

If you hit a major setback in your life how would you restart your life?

Life is a video game. I’m hitting that start button and going for it no matter what obstacles or bosses lie ahead.

Hello! I’m Amo and welcome to my Adventure!

I have begun this blog to journal my own reboot towards a life chocka-block full of optimum health and awesome improvement! This is an adventure of recovery and discovery.
Here’s a little bit more about me, The Adventurer.

Last month was my twenty-third birthday and only now I feel as though I have started the treacherous climb out of a humongous slump. I honestly have felt as though time has escaped me and that I was stuck in some sort of phantom-zone for a few years.

Being stuck really SUCKS! I’m not talking about being stuck in traffic on Melbourne’s Monash freeway or having artist’s block, I’m talking about having an existential crisis following bouts of Deep Depression. You know? Like a sushi roll of self-doubt, no confidence, energy for life wrapped in a comfort-zone. The big questions that plagued me were ‘What am I doing with my life?’ ‘Is this all there is?’ ‘Why is everyone over there while I am far behind down here?’ The list goes on…

Existential crisis? But Amy, aren’t you a little young for that? You haven’t got a comb-over

50 doctor who

Not all comb overs are bad.. there’s still time


I’m having what they call a quarter-life crisis. Fresh outta school, fresh outta work, fresh outta money. Woo

However, I’m super grateful because I believe that the earlier that I have this breakthrough* the more time I have to learn and improve my life while replenishing valuable relationships.

*breakthrough sounds cooler than crisis, so I’m gonna call it that from now on. 🙂

What exactly have I been through that has led to me to this breakthrough?
Long story short, I’ve always been a skinny chick but after a combination of abuse, lack of self-care, mental illnesses and a hormonal disease I lost over 25kg (55+lbs) without meaning to in a short amount of time I am feeling the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. My fatigue overwhelms me daily. So my biggest challenge right now is eating, putting on a good healthy amount of weight, keeping up with doctor’s appointments, exercise and  believing in myself again. Just one foot in front of the other.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

While I’m climbing out of my own darkness I hope to use my journey and help others.
And as a Personal Trainer I know how important it is to not only maintain good health but to stay accountable. Here is my adventure out in the open and this blog is my declaration of responsibility to myself and to those I love!

As the modern and hip poet, Eminem asks “If you had one chance, one opportunity, would capture it or just let it slip?”

mum's spaghetti
Mum’s spaghetti

When I think of adventures I think of things like overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles by the ordinary. I’m choosing to go on a positive Life-long Adventure. Wanna join me?
I mustn’t forget that during one of my lowest points I still pushed myself and made it to the other side of the world! My life changed when I went to Korea. It is my dream to heal again so I am well enough to travel more and help more people.


Amo’s Adventures will feature some of the things I’ve learnt from studying about other cultures, people, languages. All this and the things that contribute to my recovery such as some nostalgia and art. Spoiler alert: experiencing first-love transcends my own expectations of happiness.

Amo’s Adventures is a recovery blog not an illness blog.

I certainly don’t intend to make this blog all about how utterly AWFUL Mental illness can be; rather, I am driven to educate and share how great life can be despite having them. I’ll fight hard to stay motivated even though my Mild Depression was promoted to Major.
Nope, not even gonna salute you, Major. Depression.

cute kitten salute
Maybe if he looked like this?

Thank you very much for reading, I appreciate you dropping by and I really hope this blog will help you or someone you know. Whether it is to overcome some fears about starting something great in your life or even continuing your own journey where you left off. – whoever you are, you fine looking beast who stumbled across this blog. ; )


Do one thing this week that scares you a little that you have been also been putting off for a while.

  • The only rule is: It must be for something that you are passionate about.
  • Start with a small thing first even if that is as seemingly tiny as picking up a pencil and scribbling a sketch before your magnificent masterpiece , Or maybe picking up a DIY magazine, highlighting and listing home improvements you’d love to tackle next.
  • A level-up could be picking up the phone and ringing an old friend.
  • (Still not sure of ideas, stay tuned for my future post about finding your why)

One thing that has scared me for months has been this blog. I kept putting it off until I decided to invest into it and commit 100%. WOOHOO I posted My very first blog! If I can do it, so can you.  I believe in you~ Good luck!


Press Start on your console and let the Next Adventure Begin…

press start.jpg
Images: Doctor who (tumblr), 8mile (knowyourmeme), Kitty salute (pinterest), google

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