5 simple strategies to bounce back from Rock-bottom (Part. 1)

Welcome Adventurers,

I’m happy to be back writing again after a few months, thank you for the continued support for my blog, life and myself in general! 😀
As a few of you know, the start of 2018 didn’t go very smoothly for myself and immediate family, I am very fortunate to have learnt a lot from what happened though, and even more fortunate to have the family, friends, Grandparents and Mum that I do. When I’m ready, I will write about the experience.

I’m going to definitely dedicate this article to Mum, afterall, when I was a baby she wiped my bottom, and she is my rock. hahaha love ya!
And a toast to the lovely life of Taz, my step-dad, who always helped me with my mental health and healing. Cheers!

Hitting Rock-bottom means different things to different people

but overall it is described as being at the lowest of the low in your life. The positive thing is, there is no lower. Picture it like the bottom of the ocean, you can either drift along the sand and remain down there in the dark or rise even when you have odds against you.

I promise you that if you refuse to stay stagnant, then any minuscule move you now make will ultimately add to improving yourself and your situation. It’s ok to start small. Below are 5 strategies you can use to get you out of rock bottom.

My New Fitness goal: To squat and get a booty like that rock

So What does this all mean, to be at ‘Rock-bottom’?
I believe it’s the beginning or continuation of your self-discovery journey.

During this time you are bound to learn something new and rediscover things about yourself that got obscured during your stress, obstacles or series of hardship. In the end, through self-discovery and care you’ll become an even better and stronger version of yourself.

“The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole…stop digging.”-
Will Rogers

0. First thing to remember are the essentials and to breathe

Make sure you’re Eating and drinking

At first during a burnout,

Rest, stand up stretch, shower

For Emergencies, it’s best to take necessary actions immediately.
If you are in Australia here are some hotlines: phone and online

1.Release any and all emotions.

Whether it’s anger you’re letting out or deep sadness, let it out through whatever medium works best for you. You have permission to feel the feels

Cry your eyes out.

A good cry won’t always make you feel better, but a good cry is sometimes needed for the body and soul.
Society hints that it’s not really a thing that men do, but allowing yourself to truly feel and know your own emotions is pretty damn powerful. No matter your gender, don’t hold yourself back.
personal hint: I’m a private crier and I choose a long hot shower to wash my tears down the drain.

Get that anger out.

Blast your music, scream into a pillow, run, play sport, punch a boxing bag or shoot ‘em up in a video game.
Bonus round: print a photo of your cheating ex-boyfriend/girlfriend on a punching bag and go crazy or maybe use a photo of the mother-in-law 😉

Express don’t compress.

Maybe writing, journaling, painting or drawing is your escape, do those until your hands hurt and the weight on your shoulders is a little bit lighter. If you are a private person there is nothing wrong with not sharing these with other people, and there are plenty of anonymous options for venting your thoughts, especially forums on mental health sites.


2. Inner circle inspiration

Please know though, that you are not alone.
Now that you have hopefully covered essential self-care, and have let your emotions out to yourself, it is vital you have your support network. Do you have a friend or family member that is perfect for being non-judgmental?

Reach out for that support even if it is from a distance, it does wonders for your journey and wellbeing. It’s ok to not be ok, and it’s ok to let someone you trust in to where you are comfortable.

3. For unbiased and professional listening ear, counselling is the way to go.

There is no shame in getting a professional help, and it is definitely vital for anyone going through a prolonged tough time and needs help to get unstuck. I will write much more on counselling and therapy in the future, especially how it has benefited myself  over the years of having anxiety and depression.
Other people suggest hiring a Life-coach if you can afford it. I’d say go for it if you think it’s for you, and certainly consider getting a Personal Trainer if you are taking care of your health.
Insider secret: Did you know even Personal Trainers need Personal Trainers?

If you have connections, use them.

Once you’ve covered your essentials, gotten some of your emotions out, and found a support crew you can start with the healing process.

4.Negative + digital Detox

Get rid of distractions, news, limit triggers, negativity

Even if for a few hours a digital detox does wonders for mood, relaxation, sleep. Misery loves company, so if your feed or dashboard shows nothing but negativity it’s time to divert or switch off completely.

  • Turn off your phone, and get out of the internet and social media. The less distraction on the outside world, especially negative news, timelines or feeds, will allow you to focus on your own world for now.
  • Take a few days off from work, study or school. Taking a Mental health day or a few will be so refreshing if the environment you’re in is a trigger or cause to your unhappiness. Use is it as a reset for your work/study mind to switch off and your self-care to kick in. It’s time to work on you for now.

Obviously it’s not so easy for a lot of people, so when it’s unavoidable: show up and mention it to your employer or teacher or classmate but change your pace.

When I wasn’t able to focus well in class, I asked a friend to lend me their notes if I couldn’t absorb all the information from the lesson.
And when our lecturer used power point presentations, I was honest and asked him if I could have the day’s notes on usb/email after the lesson.
By the time I returned to class after the weekend, I had the power points dictated and memorised. Because I had gone at my own pace I was able to absorb and remember much more important information.

5.Treat yourself.

So now that you are putting you first it is time to indulge yourself a little- yes even in the not so healthy things too!
How about a delicious cone of your favourite ice cream? A glass of wine, cider, a slice of cake, chocolate, pedicure, or a massage.
Have a treat day but make sure it doesn’t extend to a treat week, or month. During the holiday seasons I recommend the same to my personal training clients who want to get back on track with weight loss goals when they return.


Remember you are human, and guilt is not useful when you are at rock bottom.
The next 5 strategies will be about getting back to routine, and moving more.

Here is Part two: Another 5 strategies for bouncing back from rock-bottom

Beagle photo by Creative Vix on Pexels.com

Until then,

Thanks for reading 🙂


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